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I Offer PHPBB3 spambot protection - 10% OFF

My name is Svetoslav Stoyanchev, owner/technician of Maxneedsâ„¢. I have considerable experience in cutting-edge web development. I would like to tell you about an amazing new Plugin tool that I have developed especially for forums that will provide you with 99.9% efficient protection against 'spam bots'! I have developed a revolutionary Plugin tool that will block ALL spam-bots entry attempts to your forum, whilst still letting legitimate registrations pass - and all without you having to lift a finger. The MaxNeeds PHPBB NoSpam Plugin is the new community forum must-have tool to ensure that your forum is secure yet still user-friendly - and will save you a whole lot of time and effort confirming forum registrations, and checking for spam bots that have slipped through the net! I offer a one-day free trial so that you can be sure that this tool is genuine. Only 8 free places are available at the moment and because i'd like to fill up the system fast i offer 10% discount of the price. To read more about this amazing forum tool, you can view more information here: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

For more details Contact Seller

Details of Gig (Item)

Price variates from $30 to $100 per month. ($30<70 000 UV,$40<90 000 UV,$50<120 000 UV,$60<160 000 UV,$70<210 000 UV, $80<290 000 UV, $90<400 000 UV,$100 anything over) UV- Unique Visits from google analytics. Above prices will be discounted with 10% OFF

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